Naaman Forest-Rowlett standouts

GARLAND, Texas – Rivals.com recruiting analyst Barry Every breaks down some of the Division I-A talent from the Garland (Texas) Naaman Forest-Rowlett (Texas) High game.
Jonathan Miller and Derrick Osborn combined for 239 yards and one TD on 30 carries for Naaman Forest, only to be outdone by Dexter Imade's 246 total yards of offense, two rushing TDs, and two-point conversion in Rowlett's 28-14 victory.
A closer look at some key players, listed alphabetically:

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Naaman Forest vs. Rowlett Standouts
WR Marquise Goodwin, 5-10/167, Rowlett
ASSETS: Exceptional speed and good change of direction.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to concentrate on the tougher catches.
MOST IMPRESSIVE PLAY: Late in the game when Naaman Forest was using up its timeouts, he broke free for a 35-yard catch which put away any chance of a comeback.
CONCLUSION: Currently set to run track at Texas, but may have an impact as a kick returner and deep threat for Texas football in a few years.
WR John Harris, 6-2/187, Naaman Forest (2010 class)
ASSETS: Has good height and does a nice job catching the ball with his hands.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to get stronger and work on overall speed.
MOST IMPRESSIVE PLAY: Was able to make three nice catches in the fourth quarter comeback bid.
CONCLUSION: Currently has two offers, but look for that to increase to at least ten before he makes a decision. He should be one on the top receivers in state next season.
RB Dexter Imade, 5-11/190, Rowlett
ASSETS: Powerful runner that keeps his feet moving and good hands out of the backfield.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to work on overall speed and lateral movement.
MOST IMPRESSIVE PLAY: The whole second half he just physically punished Naaman Forest.
CONCLUSION: Recently picked up two offers from SMU and UNLV. This is a smash-mouth running back that can catch the ball out of the backfield. Look for more offers to come his way.
CB Hilbert Jackson, 6-0/165, Rowlett
ASSETS: Has excellent height for a corner and has hips on a swivel.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to work on overall speed and become a more physical tackler.
MOST IMPRESSIVE PLAY: Watching his feet and hips react to a stop-and-go route run by John Harris, he kept in great defensive position the entire time.
CONCLUSION: Excellent pickup for UNT. If Jackson does not make it as a corner he has enough size to become a free safety.
OT J.V. Mason, 6-5/275, Naaman Forest
ASSETS: Has excellent upper and lower body structure and looks the part of a lineman in uniform.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to work on lateral movement and becoming more aggressive on run blocking.
MOST IMPRESSIVE PLAY: On a 10-yard run by Osborn in the first quarter, Mason did a nice job getting downfield and moving his feet after contact.
CONCLUSION: Currently has one offer from Utah State. He has the looks of a lean, muscular lineman and his offers should increase before Signing Day if he becomes more aggressive. This kid definitely looks the part.
RB Jonathan Miller, 6-0/180, Naaman Forest
ASSETS: Has nice change of direction, good vision and acceleration.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to get stronger and add size in order to be an every-down back.
MOST IMPRESSIVE PLAY: Took the second carry of the game left and then turned it up field for a 70-yard TD run. he was flying once he got into the secondary.
CONCLUSION: Miller should become a very good back for the Sooners. He also looked very natural on his one pass reception, a skill he will need to succeed in Oklahoma's pass-happy offense.
WR Derrick Osborn, 5-10/184, Naaman Forest
ASSETS: Has very good lateral movement and is built like a running back.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to work on overall speed.
MOST IMPRESSIVE PLAY: Had a really nice juke-and-jive 21-yard run in the first quarter while running the spread option.
CONCLUSION: Currently is playing QB and is projected as a WR, but has the running ability and body structure to also be a RB at the next level. Osborn has no offers at this time, but definitely has DI athletic ability.
S Cordero Smith, 6-0/190, Naaman Forest (2010 class)
ASSETS: Smith has excellent lateral movement and is not afraid to come up and lay the wood.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Currently plays linebacker but projects as a safety. He needs to work on moving in space and on his coverage skills.
MOST IMPRESSIVE PLAY: In the first quarter he was able to not only make a solo tackle in the open field but achieved perfect tackling form while doing it.
CONCLUSION: This is definitely the top 2010 prospect for Naaman Forest. Smith has good size for a strong safety right now, but he may grow into an OLB before all is said and done.
OTHERS WITH DIVISION I-A POTENTIAL: S Terrance Bullitt, Naaman Forest; SDE Michael Daniels, Naaman Forest (2010 class); CB Marquale Pierson, Rowlett; OG O'Chea Thomas Rowlett (2010 class)