Morris to check out Big 10 schools

DeMarlon Morris may or may not think there are more offers coming. It's hard to tell because nobody can read his mind. He certainly isn't sharing his opinion verbally.
Sure, new schools are talking to him. And, sure, his recruitment is gaining some steam. Ask him which schools may be close to offering, though, and he shuts down.
"I don't want to say the wrong thing," he says. "That could get me in trouble or something."
Morris holds four offers for the time being. Hawaii, Wisconsin, Indiana and Utah have all made things official with the Mesa (Ariz.) Community College cornerback. He won't get into which program might be next to join the parade, but he doesn't mind saying which school will not.
"Arizona State was recruiting me, but they stopped because the guy said they didn't need a cornerback," Morris said. "At least they were honest."
For now, Morris can only concern himself with the schools that have offered. He plans to gather information on all of them. And while he says he doesn't intend to commit for some time, he's hitting the road with haste.
"I'm supposed get up to Wisconsin and Indiana next week for unofficial," Morris said.
He hasn't visited either campus in the past, but he has some preconceived notions about both schools. While Morris doesn't name favorites of any kind, he has no problem discussing the perks of each school.
"With Wisconsin, I just know that they have a really good program and that they're known for football," Morris said. "I like that they're competitive in the Big 10 and that they win and stuff like that."
With Indiana, the draw is less about football and more about family. Morris, who grew up in Chicago, has always liked the idea of playing close to his hometown. It's not as important to him as it once was, but it will certainly factor into his decision.
"Indiana is good because I would be playing close to home," Morris said. "I like that I could play there in a major conference and still be close. At first, being close was extremely important to me, but it's not everything. Now that I've been around, I wouldn't care about not being close."
According to Morris, he is on pace to graduate from Mesa in December. He says he plans to make his college choice during the first few weeks of the upcoming season.
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