Mizzou visit in the plans for Gennesy

Avery Gennesy isn't too interested in chatting - especially not about the final stretch of his recruitment. And that goes doubly for elaborating on what he's looking for in a school.
"It's just up to me," he said. "It's just how I feel. It's my choice, so what I feel is what I'm going to pick."
Fair enough. It doesn't necessarily qualify as insight, but it's something. The homestretch of Gennesy's recruitment will be kept quiet. Not because the East Mississippi Community College product wants to preserve some form of mystery, but because he isn't much for verbalizing his thoughts.
Some facts are clear, though. The four-star offensive tackle has already visited Ohio State, Texas A&M, Ole Miss and Tennessee. At one point, he said he was finished traveling and would simply make a decision. Now it seems he may be backtracking on that statement.
Turns out, there may be one more SEC visit in Gennesy's future.
"I'm probably going to visit Missouri," Gennesy said on Wednesday. "I started talking to the coaching staff a lot lately, and I think I want to take a visit. I don't know when."
Gennesy, who is set to graduate from East Mississippi at semester, lists A&M, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Missouri and Ohio State as his current favorites. He does not make an attempt to rank them in any specific order and has no plans to further trim his list.
Instead, he'll just select one. And he plans to do so with some haste.
"I'm going to pick sometime at the end of November of the beginning of December - right between that time," he said. "I just want to maybe take one or two more visits. After that, I'll be ready."