Minn OL prospect has multiple offers

St Paul, Minn. Cretin-Derham offensive line prospect Raphael Eubanks (6-foot-3, 290 pounds) has continued to draw serious recruiting interest and offers this spring. Eubanks is now toting 5 scholarship offers, including two new offers from Wisconsin and Arizona State.
“Things have been going really well," Raphael Eubanks said. “I just received scholarship offer from both Wisconsin and Arizona State. Wisconsin sent me the paperwork today (Thursday), and the Arizona State coaches called my head coach and said that the written offer from them was on the way."
"I'm really excited to have so many options this early. Both Wisconsin and Arizona State are very good schools and good football programs as well, and I'm going to look at both schools closely."
Raphael Eubanks, who also had earlier offers from Iowa, Kansas State and Minnesota, is definitely starting to sort out what he's looking for in a potential school. "Academics is without question is my top priority in a school. I'm not sure yet about what my major might be, but my school of choice will need to be very strong academically. I'm also looking at each football program as well, and how well they develop their players. My dream would be to someday play in the NFL, and if that didn't happen I would at least have a good college degree from whatever school I attend. Also the overall atmosphere for football is another important factor to me. I want to go to a college that is totally supportive of it's football team."
Is location a factor for Eubanks? "No, location isn't really a factor for me at all right now, and that's one of the reasons I'm excited about getting an early offer from Arizona State. I'm hoping to have several options regardless of location. Stanford is another school that has been showing a lot of interest in me, and that's exciting because that is a school with great academics."
Eubanks will spend his spring break next week in Chicago, and while he's in the Windy City visiting family, Eubanks is planning on making a stop to Northwestern. "I've been invited to a lot of different spring practices, and since I'll be in Chicago I'm going to check out a spring practice at Northwestern. I want to get a chance to see the campus up close, as well as getting a chance to talk to the coaches as well."