Massaquoi favoring anyone

Two years ago it was easy to overlook players other than Chris Leak from Charlotte (N.C.) Independence. But last year wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi proved himself to be one of the top wide receivers in the nation.
The 6-foot-2, 181-pound receiver isn't the fastest player in the nation, but he moves well enough to get behind just about any defensive back a coach can throw out onto the field. He has soft hands, knows when to use his body to catch the ball, and runs routes very well. It's no wonder he has so many offers.

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"Yeah, you could say I have plenty of opportunities," laughed Massaquoi. "I'm just thankful to have the skills I do, and I plan on continuing to work hard to improve. Right now I can look at one or two schools and say they're number one or they're number two, so I'll just say I'm open.
"I have offers from all the schools in North Carolina, and Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia and some others have offered as well. I'll be looking for the best situation for me, regardless of where that is. Location may be somewhat of a factor, but I can't tie myself down. I'll consider academics, the football team and what the depth chart looks like."
The Independence prospect has toured the campuses of schools like Clemson, NC State, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia. He attended the NIKE Camp in Atlanta and may look to schedule more camps.
"I don't really know all my summer plans yet, but I'm sure I'll be busy. I'll have to use this time to my advantage, because once school starts in the fall I'll pretty much be down to my five officials."