Kunalic leads North Crowley squad

Last year, North Crowley (Texas) High School produced some top Division prospects such as Miami signee Jason Fox and Purdue pickup Jeff Panfil. This year things are starting a little bit different but still with plenty of recruiters taking a look at the Metroplex school.
North Crowley coach Dustin Burnett says that this year, kicker Adi Kunalic is the most heavily sought after this spring. The talented young man has already picked up an early offer from UConn. Several other schools are targeting him and several of his teammates.
"Adi was the first one to get an offer," Burnett said. "I don't think anybody else has any just yet. Right now, he's in a class by himself being a kicker."

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Burnett says that his most talented prospect is the 6-foot-2, 175-pound wide receiver Broderic Terry, but he still has to put in some work with his academics before his senior year comes and goes.
"He has the grades, but he just needs to take the test," Burnett said about Terry. "Broderic is getting the most attention as far as letters go. He had the most receptions for us last year. Broderic will make those circus catches and he's got a knack to get to the football."
One prospect that is getting it done academically and on the field is cornerback Reid Singleton who stands at 5-foot-11, 175 pounds.
"Reid really works hard and has great grades," Burnett said. "Colorado State has been sending him a lot of stuff and really all the guys. UConn has asked for transcripts on those and then they get stuff from Duke and Stanford because of their grades."
Other prospects at North Crowley that Burnett says to look out for include wide receivers Chris Ford and Brian Johnson.
"We've got a great group of receivers," Burnett said. "It just happened to be during the same year with a great kicker as well."