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KU-Mizzou battle for Texas safety

It looks like it's an out of state border battle for Tatum, Texas, two-star safety Bryce Beall.
"I think I'm getting closer to a decision," Beall, who is 6-foot and 200 pounds, said. "I think I'm down Missouri and Kansas. I've pretty much narrowed it down to those two.
So what does he like about the Tigers and Jayhawks?
"At Missouri, I like how they're on the rise and people are noticing how good they really are here," he said. "This year their picked to win the Big 12 North, and I always wanted to play in the Big 12. I'd be playing against good competition.
"At Kansas, it's the same thing with them. They're steadily improving. Last year they had four or five ballgames they were winning late. They were in every game they played."
Beall, who had 186 tackles and 25 tackles for a loss in 2006, said he's built good relationships with the coaches recruiting him.
"At Missouri, the coach I've been talking to is coach Matt Eberflus, the defensive coordinator," he said. "At Kansas, it's coach Clint Bowen. They're both really good guys. Hopefully I can decide before the season starts, but I haven't visited those schools. I want to go visit them first, so I'll probably set those up as soon as I can."
Beall also has offers from Colorado State and Kansas State. He is also getting interest from Iowa State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M.