Is Bodine any closer to a decision

Mentioned a few weeks back, Fork Union (Va.) Fork Union Military Academy offensive center Russell Bodine appeared to be closing in on a decision. The 6-foot-4, 278-pounder hasn't pulled the trigger yet, but continues to get closer as he states two teams are sticking out the most.
"I still haven't made a decision, but I'm starting to narrow things down a bit," he said. "I'm really liking Virginia and North Carolina.
"I'm still looking at other schools like Stanford, Northwestern and Notre Dame who have come in lately. I haven't called Northwestern back. I need to. I also need to call Stanford. Notre Dame saw me last week on Wednesday and I should hear something back soon. Depending what happens with them, I may get out there for a visit once school gets out at the end of this week."
Bodine mentioned two schools he likes in Virginia and North Carolina. What sticks out about those programs?
"I still like Virginia Tech and a bunch of other schools I've been talking to, but those are probably the big ones for me," he said. "I feel like I have a real good relationship with Coach Borbely at Virginia. That's a big part of it. They are in my backyard and that's kind of nice. I've been over there quite a few times. It's easy to get to.
"Then with North Carolina, they just have a great college atmosphere from everybody I talk to and it's a real nice place."
As for a decision, Bodine continues to claim it will be in the near future.
"It'll be soon, probably in June."