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In-state prospects predict Alabama-LSU showdown

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Nick Saban and Ed Orgeron
Nick Saban and Ed Orgeron (USA TODAY Sports Images)

The biggest game of the season so far will be played Saturday in Baton Rouge, La., between No. 1 Alabama and No. 3 LSU. This game not only will have a big impact on the College Football Playoffs this season, but in recruiting, this year and the years ahead. reached out to some of the top prospects in Alabama and Louisiana asking for their prediction on college football’s game of the week between the Crimson Tide and Tigers.

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Robby Ashford: “I have Alabama winning 35-24. It will be a great game for sure.”

Kris Draine: “LSU wins 24-21.”

Cordale Flott: “I have LSU for the win. It is going to be a great game because both sides of the ball are powerful and I see the LSU defensive backs standing out. I see them making impact plays on the ball.”

DJ James: “My prediction is 35-17 Alabama. I think Alabama will outscore LSU and the Alabama defense will limit LSU’s big plays on offense.”

Jayson Jones: “42-17 Alabama.”

Tim Keenan: “I’ve got Alabama winning 48-46. LSU will come to play and this will not be a cakewalk game for Alabama. This is a game I made sure was on my go-to list.”

Amari Kight: “I’ve got Alabama 35-17.”

Kendall McCollum: “My prediction is 30-21 — LSU all the way. The defense will definitely play hard, but the LSU offense will show out.”

Ga’Quincy McKinstry: “I really think the game is going to be good and both teams will match each other, but I think the score ends up 28-10, Alabama wins.”

Malachi Moore: “I do not think it will be that high scoring of a game because of two great defenses. I have Alabama 35-21.”

Peter Parrish: “I don’t have a specific score prediction. I believe it is going to be a dogfight. Of course, I am rollin’ with the LSU Tigers.”

Pierce Quick: “I predict it to be 45-7 Alabama. I don’t think LSU can stop the Alabama offense.”

Kristian Story: “I say Alabama 31-17. I think LSU’s defense is the best Alabama has played [this season], but I still think ‘Bama will manage to put up 31 points and their defense will play well.”

Paul Tyson: “I predict it to be 34-17 Alabama.”

EJ Williams: “I have Alabama winning 42-14.”

Dazalin Worsham: “I’ve got Alabama winning 38-14. I have it like that because Alabama’s offense is the best it’s ever been with so many weapons. Plus, Devin White cannot play the first half.”


Bertrand Carrell: “To me, it will be a battle of the defenses. I have Alabama winning 28-26.”

Ashaad Clayton: “LSU 21-14.”

Tyrion Davis: “LSU comes out with a victory by a field goal, 13-10. The game will be intense all night.”

Jacobian Guillory: “I don’t even know. I do know it is going to be a great, electrifying game.”

Koy Moore: "24-21 LSU."

Trey Palmer: “14-6, LSU wins. You know we (LSU) are built different.”

Ray Parker: “I think it will be a very good, close football game. I think both teams will score the ball a lot, but it is hard to say who will win.”

Eric Reed: “It is going to be a good game and both teams will match each other because both have been dominant. I cannot tell you a score, but I think LSU wins.”

Jaquelin Roy: “I have LSU, of course.”

Ishmael Sopsher: “I can’t really say which. I am going to go over and enjoy the game. The only thing that makes it hard is, Alabama and LSU are so unpredictable. Both are packed with big-time players and coaches, so that makes it hard to choose one.”

Derek Stingley: “21-17 LSU is my prediction. I feel like it will be a low-scoring game. Alabama has not seen a defense like the one LSU has and LSU’s offense will put Alabama’s defense to its toughest test yet.”

Kardell Thomas: “I think LSU wins 28-21.”

Sedric Van Pran: “LSU has a great team right now and I think they will play Alabama tough, but ultimately I think Alabama edges it out by a field goal.”

Myron Warren: “I think LSU will win, 40-35.”

Brandon Williams: “My prediction is Alabama 24-17. LSU is coming off some emotional wins and for sure have momentum going against them. They have transcendent talent to beat Alabama, but I think this game will come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes. With Alabama’s experience in winning close road games, I will give them the edge to pull away.”

Joel Williams: “I know it is going to be a very close game, but I don’t know who will win. Both are in my top five schools.”