Hunter hunts for more offers

Waller, Texas, is home to two-star offensive guard David Hunter. The 6-foot-2, 270-pounder already has two solid offers from SMU and McNeese State, but those aren't the only schools chasing after him.
"It's all been going pretty good right now," he said.
"I just got back from Rice, and what I did there, the way the coaches were talking to me, I should have an offer from them pretty soon. I've been visiting UofH, they could be offering soon, too. I went to UofH for the first camp they had. I was going to go back this weekend, but I couldn't make it out there.
"Everything is going really good. There is a lot of stuff happening. Everything is happening fast."
Hunter said the SMU and McNeese offers are good ones, but he's hoping for even more to come in.
"It's just SMU and McNeese State," he said. "Rice and Houston could be close, at this point right now, those are the only schools that I've had contact with. My coaches said a lot of people would watch me during the season, probably the fifth game I have during the season, that's when I'll know who is looking at me."
"I think Rice was my last trip for a while unless somebody wants me to come somewhere else. I was supposed to go to UTEP. They wanted me to come up, but I couldn't make it."
Hunter doesn't have any favorites at this point, but wants to take all five of his official visits if he can.
"Official visits this fall – yeah, I'm probably going to take five. I'm going to try take all the visits that I can.
"I'll know what my favorites are when I visit the schools," he said. "I've been talking to them. They're all kind of equal."
Hunter said a few schools have even talked to him about playing on defense or even both ways.
"Boise State said I could play on either side of the ball," he said. "Rice, I think I am getting recruited as an athlete. Everywhere else has been as an offensive guard. If they need me to play somewhere else, I can do that, too."