Hall hearing plenty of opinions

Tyler Bruggman isn't shying away from the hard sell.
The Phoenix Brophy Prep quarterback makes Washington State's case to his left guard daily. Austin Hall takes the incessant comments and constant sales pitch in stride and has already become a pro at flashing the recruiting poker face. The stonewalling matters not to Bruggman, though. He's more than happy to keep serving up what Mike Leach is cooking.
"He keeps riding me on Washington State every day," Hall said of Bruggman. "It's kind of as a joke, but it's every day. It's nothing serious, but it's every day."

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Scholarship offers from Arizona, Arizona State and Washington, along with the one from Washington State, round out the 295-pound lineman's current list. Hall, who moved to Phoenix from Atlanta not long ago, knows the most about the Cougars. That's strictly because of his teammate's badgering. But he'll try to broaden his knowledgebase by making short trips to each of the in-state schools in the near future.
"I'll probably take unofficials to the local schools," Hall said. "But I'm not going to do any more than that right now. Those schools are close. I don't even know anything more about those schools other than how they play.
"Both of them are playing well. I guess that's all I really know."
According to Hall, the only school he's had the chance to check out in person so far is Stanford. He attended a camp in Palo Alto (Calif.) in June but doesn't hold a scholarship offer from the Cardinal just yet. If one appears in the future, though, a clear leader will be established.
If Stanford eventually targets the Brophy standout, there's a good chance that Bruggman's recruiting efforts will all be for not.
"I like everything about Stanford and always have," Hall said. "My dad played for the 49ers a while back and he took me to a game one Saturday before one of his games. I was seven years old. It's been a dream for me to go play there ever since then."
Until he's invited to attend his "dream school," Hall will need to explore other options. In the meantime, he'll compete for the powerhouse Brophy Prep track program where he says he intends to beef up his upper body by participating in the throwing events.
At 6-foot-5, 295 pounds, Hall could play either tackle or guard at the college level. He prefers the latter.