Rivals.com - WR Jordyn Williams commits to Indiana
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WR Jordyn Williams commits to Indiana

Wide receiver Jordyn Williams had been going back and forth between Indiana and Louisville, but over the last two weeks, the Hoosiers pulled ahead, and on Friday, Tom Allen and his staff received great news.

"I called coach Heard first, and he thought I was playing, but then he got really excited when he knew I was serious about committing to Indiana," said Williams. "After talking to coach Heard, I talked to coach Allen, and he is ready for me to be a Hoosier.

"The coaches were surprised, but I have been telling them for a little bit that they were on top of my list. I just love how they have recruited me, how they have shown me everything about their program, and I really trust them."

That trust is really what propelled IU to the top.

Williams has yet to visit Bloomington, so everything he has learned has been through his own personal research, but mostly from the Indiana staff.

"I have been talking to almost the whole staff for the last month or two. I have gotten close with them, I have built great trust with them and I know they are going to put me in a great position to do well.

"They have sent me videos that show the stadium, I have seen the coach's offices, I have seen a lot of the school and I like it a lot.

"They have made me feel really important, they have gotten to know me and I believe they really want me."

Williams cannot wait to get back with his team at Westover, and he has continued to work through these tough times, but he cannot help but think about his future as a Hoosier.

"I am really excited about this decision," said Williams. "I know all the coaches so well and I made a great decision.

"They have talked to me about how I fit into their offense, how they love my versatility at receiver and how they get the ball to their top playmakers. I know it is a great fit for me and I can't wait."