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Georgia TE Miles Campbell is ready to announce his decision

May 18 is the day Douglasville (Ga.) South Paulding tight end Miles Campbell will turn 17 years old. This birthday will be a little bigger for him because he also plans to announce his commitment next Monday.

The 6-foot-4, 230 pound playmaker did not think a few months ago that he would be ready to commit as soon as his birthday, but over the last month or so, things changed, and his decision is made.

"You can say that the virus played a role in this," said Campbell. "I had more time to think to myself about recruiting and that definitely played a role in this.

"Instead of going on all these visits, and seeing more schools on my list, I had a lot more time to sit back, think about things, talk to specific schools and really weigh out the pros and cons of the schools I was looking at.

"I expected my recruitment to go longer, maybe until the end of the summer, but I know the school I am going to and I have made my decision."

He plans to make the news public around noon on that special day, but some already know the place he plans to call home in the future.

Campbell said the schools that have been recruiting him the hardest over the last couple of months are Auburn, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Tennessee. He has started letting coaches know of his decision.

"Oh yeah, I have been telling some of them. Since I made the decision, there has been less stress and things have been good.

"It really hit me not too long ago that I knew where I wanted to be. I didn't really waste any time, and I just started letting the coaches know.

"I will let everyone else know soon."

It came down to a strong connection with a coaching staff. That is really what pushed one school to the top.

"It kind of grew day by day," said Campbell. "I didn't really expect it to happen as quickly as it did, but I have a great relationship with a group of coaches and it really grew over the last month or so.

"It had just been building day by day with this group and my gut was telling me it was time to commit. A lot of things went into the decision, but more than anything, it was the connection with coaches and that gut feel."