Gennesy looking for final visit destination

The recruitment of Avery Gennesy is idling a bit. That's by choice. The East Mississippi Community College tackle holds 11 scholarship offers and has plenty of schools interested in his services. Yet here he sits, in the same place he's been for weeks.
Gennesy has a handful of favorites. Those are the same as they've been for weeks. Now he's working on setting up visits. And that process, it seems, is moving at a leisurely pace.
"I'm still working the visits out," Gennesy said. "I'm gonna go to Kentucky, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. Then I have to find out one more."

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According to Gennesy, there are two schools in the running to secure his final official visit. Tennessee and Georgia remain in the mix, but he will only tour of the two. For now, there seems to be little separating the two schools. There could be a sleeper on the fringe of the situation, but the chase to land the final official visit has two solid participant.
"It's mostly between (Tennessee and Georgia)," Gennesy said. "There's somebody else, but I can't remember."
The process of setting dates has been a bit tricky. The four-star prospect says his East Mississippi team doesn't have a bye week on the schedule, so taking official visits during the season will be difficult. That doesn't mean he's not trying to wedge them into his schedule, though. If they have to be mid-week trips, so be it.
"I want to take the during the season," Gennesy said. "But if I can't, I'll take them after."
One of the few things of which he's certain at this point is that all five trips will eventually happen. Don't expect a commitment on one of his first visits or a snap decision based on a feeling. This thing will go the distance. Gennesy intends to take in the campuses of five separate schools, reflect for a while and make an informed decision. From here, his approach will be methodical.
"I need to find the place where I feel at home," he said. "I need to find the place where I can get a good education. I need a place where they play good football, too. I don't want to commit to a school then decide I like the next school I visit better and have to switch. I'm just going to do it after all the visits."
Originally from Mississippi, Gennesy is considered to be one of the top junior college players in America. He enrolled at East Mississippi upon his graduation from South Haven High in 2012.