Gennesy drops hints

Avery Gennesy is few months away from the first snap of his final junior college season. It stands to reason that the eight scholarship offers he currently holds are probably just the start, so he's not getting ahead of himself.
The 6-foot-5, 315-pound East Mississippi Community College tackle is letting his recruitment come to him. He names no frontrunners. Even asking him which school is in most frequent contact leads to a dead-end answer.
"I've been talking to all the schools equally," he said on Sunday. "everyone is even right now."
To learn anything about Gennesy's recruitment or what he might be thinking, you have to dig deeper. When peppered with questions, he tips his hand a bit. Are there BCS-level coaches out there with whom he has a special relationship? There are. And he doesn't mind naming them.
It's not a pile of hard news or an indication of a forthcoming commitment. But, hey, it's something.
"The coaches I feel closest to are probably Coach [Tom] Herman from Ohio State. I talk to him a lot. Coach [Charlie] Dickey, the o-line coach at Kansas State, I talk to him a lot."
Gennesy's list of possible visit destinations lines up with his list of favorite assistants. So while he declines to name actual favorites in the process, every hint he drops points in the same direction. His travel itinerary is far from complete, but the rough draft includes just two stops.
"Ohio State, I'd like to visit that because the football program and I've never been before," he said. "And Kansas State because I really want to see what it's like and what they have to offer."
Visits won't take place until the fall, so as new offers come in and new relationships are formed, Gennesy's plans will begin to take shape. One thing he does know for sure, though, is his decision date.
See, Gennesy isn't interested in getting the process over with or making a commitment on an official visit. Instead, he'll draw it out and flash a dramatic flair at its conclusion.
"I'm going to do it on National Signing Day," Gennesy said. "I'm going to go somewhere that I can come in and contribute early - somewhere that's like home."
Gennesy, a Mississippi native, lists offers from Ohio State, K-State, Baylor, Texas Tech, Mississippi State, Kentucky and Oklahoma State among others.