Rivals.com - Five potential decommits that could impact Southeast recruiting
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Five potential decommits that could impact Southeast recruiting

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Changes of heart sometimes happen quickly and without warning. Other times, they seem to be the culmination of a gradual build. It’s impossible to project every committed prospect that will change his mind before signing a Letter of Intent. The only guarantee is that it will happen many times over in every region of the country. Below is a look at possible changes of allegiance that could impact recruiting in the Southeast.

Prospects are ordered from least likely to most likely to have a change of heart.


THE SITUATION: Both Florida and Alabama are trying everything they can to change Wade’s mind. Not so long ago, Florida seemed like the biggest threat to the Buckeyes. These days, however, it’s Alabama that has established itself as the apex predator. Wade has visited the campus of both schools, but his parents have accompanied him to Tuscaloosa. Wade’s commitment to Ohio State is longstanding, so breaking it won’t be easy. Still, Alabama is working overtime to keep the Jacksonville-based five-star in the South.

CHANCE OF A FLIP: 51 percent

MOST LIKELY POACHER: Alabama (with an outside chance of Florida)


THE SITUATION: Junior college recruiting is especially fickle. Things can change academically as quickly as they can change one the football front. That said, whatever the reason, Johnson continues to take visits despite his commitment to the Crimson Tide. Playing time is at a premium for junior college athletes, so the school that can offer Johnson the opportunity to play the most snaps could position itself well to snatch him from the Tide.

CHANCE OF A FLIP: 53 percent

MOST LIKELY POACHER: Georgia (for the time being)


THE SITUATION: Donaldson has toured his share of schools since committing to Miami and has never ruled out the possibility of a change of heart. Florida State likes where it stands with the Miami commit for the time being and another unspectacular season for the Hurricanes would help push Donaldson to Tallahassee. The massive offensive lineman shows little emotion in interviews, so reading him is sometimes difficult, but he’s certainly looking around and is likely to continue to browse well into the fall. At the very least, he’s a sure bet to take official visits.

CHANCE OF A FLIP: 57 percent



THE SITUATION: A committed prospect releasing a list of front-runners is rarely good for the school to which the player is commitment, and so goes the situation between Telfort and Florida. Add in the fact that the four-star offensive lineman plays for traditional Miami pipeline Booker T. Washington High School, and there’s plenty of reason to think the Hurricanes could steal him away from the Gators. Should Miami have a solid season on the field and Florida fail to meet increased expectations, Telfort will likely stay close to his south Florida home.

CHANCE OF A FLIP: 68 percent



THE SITUATION: A class of 2018 prospect, Joseph committed to LSU early and before he had a long list of impressive offers. He was recently offered at Florida State’s camp and the opportunity seemed to affect his outlook. Highly regarded recruits, especially those based in Florida, have a history of wavering on early out-of-state pledges, and it seems like Joseph probably has de-commitment in him before Signing Day, 2018. His place on this list is due to his youth, the circumstances of his commitment and the fact that the upcoming season seems like one that could determine the future of Tigers’ head coach Les Miles.

CHANCE OF A FLIP: 76 percent

MOST LIKELY POACHER: Florida State or any number of schools that may offer Joseph in the coming year.