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Five 2020 athletes with the most interesting recruitments

Here we are nearly at the midpoint of the football season and some important storylines on the recruiting trail are playing out. Players that have been committed for some time are now seriously considering switching to another school, while others continue to build suspense leading up to their commitments. Let’s take a look at the five most interesting recruitments by position. Today, we take a closer look at the athletes.

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Contenders: Stanford, Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, Texas A&M

Recruiting outlook: Most teams are looking at Smith as a running back now, and of course the Zachary Evans situation is having an effect on his recruitment. Texas A&M is scheduled to get an official visit along with Ohio State and Florida, while Georgia got Smith on campus for an official visit this past weekend. Stanford has been a school Smith has been very interested in and he wants to take an official visit there in January. If he is uncommitted going into that visit there is a good chance Stanford seals the deal, but Ohio State could reel him in before that happens.

Farrell’s take: Everyone seemed to think Smith would follow his father, Emmitt, to Florida, but now it appears Stanford is the favorite unless someone can convince him to commit before his visit in January. I think the academics at Stanford win out.


Contenders: Arizona State, Oregon

Recruiting outlook: Oregon has always been where he wants to go, but he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. That has given Arizona State some room to get into the picture. The Sun Devils got him on campus for an official visit this past weekend and they did a great job with him. There is no decision date on the horizon right now, but Arizona State has put itself in great position.

Farrell’s take: This one was an Oregon projection for the longest time, but the momentum has changed a bit and this has become a close battle. I still think the Ducks win out if they push for him.


Contenders: Michigan State, Minnesota, Purdue, Nebraska

Recruiting outlook: Lockett has been all over the place with his recruitment and it took a strange turn when he transferred from his high school in Minnesota to SPIRE Academy in Ohio to play basketball. He also played football while in Ohio, but he has since transferred back to Minnesota. Lockett took a visit to Michigan State back in June, and he is supposed to take an official visit there in October. Minnesota had him on campus not too long ago for an unofficial visit and that reportedly went well. Nebraska and Purdue are expecting him for official visits at some point before he commits, but basketball has made his recruitment much more complicated.

Farrell’s take: I think Michigan State lands him and he will try to play both sports there. Others will make a push, but Michigan State has the best relationship with him.


Contenders: Florida State, LSU, Texas A&M

Recruiting outlook: The saying goes “follow the visits,” and if that’s true for Achane then Texas A&M should eventually land his commitment. The Aggies have hosted him more than any other school, but he still wants to see a few other schools before ending his recruitment. Achane wants to take an official visit to LSU at some point and he is scheduled to take an official visit to Florida State for the Syracuse game next month.

Farrell’s take: FSU and LSU could push with good visits and make this tough, but right now you have to think the Aggies are in the best position to land him.


Contenders: Virginia Tech

Recruiting outlook: James just de-committed from North Carolina a few days ago after making his initial pledge back in March. The Tar Heels have been working hard to gain a foothold in the Tidewater region of Virginia, but they have unsuccessful so far and James’ de-commitment doesn’t help. Virginia Tech has been pushing to get James for a long time and it didn’t stop recruiting him when he did commit to North Carolina. It seems like the Hokies' continued efforts will get rewarded.

Farrell’s take: UNC will try to lure him back, but this appears to be all Hokies right now.