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Fab 15: Playmakers show out at RCS New Jersey

Offensive players put on a show at the New Jersey edition of the Rivals Camp Series Presented by Under Armour. Here are the 15 that had the best performances on Saturday.

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1. OL Isaiah Wilson

Recruiting wrap: Michigan and Alabama seem to be leading for Isaiah Wilson but Georgia, LSU, USC and Rutgers are also among his top schools.

Performance: There isn’t much left to say about Wilson that hasn’t already been said. He is absolutely massive and exceptionally athletic for his size. There are some technical aspects of his game that need to be more consistent but his patience, strength and ability to finish set him apart from everyone at the camp. If a defensive lineman was able to take advantage of Wilson getting off balance, he still had the speed and athleticism to recover and win the rep.

2. WR Mark Webb

Recruiting wrap: Georgia, Rutgers and North Carolina sit atop Mark Webb’s list but Maryland is very much in the mix.

Performance: Webb’s game has come a long way. Last year at the Rivals Camp Series he simply overpowered defensive backs but his route-running skills are just outrageous now. Webb could still push defensive backs around if they tried to get physical but he was able to create separation with ease on Saturday with crisp cuts. He also has very sure hands. Webb caught nearly every pass thrown his way.

3. RB D'Andre Swift

Recruiting wrap: D'Andre Swift will take official visits to Georgia, Florida State, Clemson, Penn State and Alabama.

Performance: It didn’t matter if it was a linebacker or defensive back that tried to cover Swift, he was going to get separation and make the catch. He has ridiculous speed and wiggle in his routes that defenders were left trying to figure out where he went. Swift is very powerful also and defenders that tried to bump him off his route were easily dispatched.

4. QB Hunter Johnson

Recruiting wrap: Hunter Johnson is committed to Clemson.

Performance: There was a great group of quarterbacks at the camp on Saturday but Johnson separated himself from the pack. His footwork, arm strength and smooth throwing motion were hard to miss. The ball comes out of Johnson’s hand very nicely and he showed he could make all the throws. One of the best things about Johnson’s performance was his confidence. He wasn’t afraid to fit the ball into tight windows on short, intermediate or long routes.

5. OL Samuel Vretman

Recruiting wrap: Rutgers, Temple and Connecticut have offered Samuel Vretman.

Performance: Vretman wasn’t completely unknown before heading into the Rivals Camp Series but he opened a lot of people’s eyes on Saturday. He has a great frame with plenty of room to fill out and has an advanced understanding of pass-blocking technique. Vretman was very agile and could quickly change directions when defensive linemen went to their counter moves. More offers should be coming for Vretman soon.

6. QB Kasim Hill

Recruiting wrap: Kasim Hill is committed to Maryland.

Performance: A veteran of the Rivals Camp Series, Hill had his best showing on Saturday. He has a very strong arm and has a great sense of timing with the wide receivers. Hill got into his drops well and threw accurate passes on short, intermediate and long routes. He did a good job of putting the ball where only his receiver could get to it.

7. QB Artur Sitkowski

Recruiting wrap: South Carolina, Michigan and Indiana are the most recent schools to offer Artur Sitkowski.

Performance: Sitkowski may have had the strongest arm at the camp and he was on point on Saturday. Sometimes he has a tendency to overthrow his receivers but he really didn’t do that much on Saturday. Sitkowski has a quick release and the ball jumps off his hand. His footwork looked pretty good and his progress over the next few years will be fun to watch.

8. WR Tarik Black

Recruiting wrap: UCLA sits atop Tarik Black’s top five followed by Michigan, Stanford, Notre Dame and Alabama.

Performance: Black was one of the smoothest receivers in attendance. He didn’t have any problems breaking press coverage and used his large catch radius to haul in some impressive catches. Black has good top-end speed but many of the defensive backs were still in position to make a play. He did a good job of making catches through contact.

9. OL Josh Fedd-Jackson

Recruiting wrap: Michigan, Rutgers and North Carolina make up Josh Fedd-Jackson’s top three.

Performance: Fedd-Jackson is what schools are looking for in a guard. He has a very strong initial punch and has the lateral quickness to stay in front of the opposing defensive lineman. Fedd-Jackson has a big frame to fill out and will turn some of the baby fat into muscle with time. There is a lot to like about what the future holds for Fedd-Jackson.

10. OL Liam Fornadel

Recruiting wrap: Rutgers is in very good position with Liam Fornadel.

Performance: One of the most physical players at any position, Fornadel made his presence felt. He has a big frame and is already solidly built. Defensive linemen that tried to go through him ran into a brick wall. Fornadel had good lateral quickness and he was able to stay between the defender and the quarterback.

11. WR Markquese Bell

Recruiting wrap: Markquese Bell really likes Michigan and Rutgers right now. He wants to take official visits to Michigan, Clemson, Florida and Tennessee.

Performance: Bell played wide receiver on Saturday and had plenty of success. He is a superior athlete and made some impressive catches along the sideline. Bell’s routes could use some work but he was able to make up for what he lacks in that area with speed and length. He may not play wide receiver at the next level but he could certainly be successful on either side of the ball.

12. TE Reese Leitao

Recruiting wrap: Reese Leitao holds offers from Arizona State, Duke, Houston, Nebraska, Oklahoma State and many others.

Performance: Leitao was a very tough matchup for any of the linebackers. He has a huge frame and is pretty fast for a guy that big. Defenders couldn’t get around Leitao to knock the ball down. He also had sure hands and quarterbacks liked throwing to him because of his big catch radius.

13. OL Johnny Jordan

Recruiting wrap: Maryland seems to be leading for Johnny Jordan but Pittsburgh, Virginia and a few others are pushing.

Performance: Jordan took a lot of reps on Saturday and got better as the day went on. He has a very strong base and did a good job of holding his ground against defensive linemen that tried to overpower him. Jordan has good lateral quickness but a few defensive linemen beat him with countermoves.

14. RB CJ Holmes

Recruiting wrap: Penn State, Tennessee and Syracuse lead for C.J. Holmes and a decision could come later this summer.

Performance: Holmes was very good on Saturday coming out of the backfield. He is a big back with good downfield speed and reliable hands. Holmes did a nice job separating from defenders and ran through contact in the open field. He showed that he can have success running a variety of routes all over the field.

15. OL Dan Dawkins

Recruiting wrap: Dan Dawkins added an offer from North Carolina just after the camp on Saturday.

Performance: One of the strongest players in attendance, Dawkins was tossing defensive linemen around on Saturday. He whiffed a few times but if he could get his hands on the defender he won the rep. Dawkins has a very strong base and could only get pushed around if defensive linemen were able to get him off balance.