Dublanko reviews new SEC offer

Joel Dublanko toured colleges across the country in the last few weeks and he landed an offer from Tennessee, definitely one of the standout moments of the whole trip.
The 2016 linebacker from Aberdeen, Wash., said it was an exciting time in Knoxville - especially since he was unexpectedly offered in a unique way.
"When we got there we went and found the offices," Dublanko said. "They were in a meeting and then one of the coaches came out and took us into his office. When we got there the defensive coordinator came in, too. We were just introducing ourselves and the defensive coordinator said that I was already offered.
"My dad and I looked at each other and then we sat down. He said, 'You know you have an offer here, right?' He told me I have a full-ride scholarship to come play for us. They set up a meeting with the head coach so we talked to him for a while and went on a tour of everything.
"We went with the head coach and it was just an awesome, awesome experience."
So far, Dublanko has been offered by Tennessee, Akron, Mississippi State, Montana, Vanderbilt and Washington State. Landing an offer from the Volunteers is definitely a major deal.
"It is very big for me," Dublanko said. "It catches my attention definitely."
Aside from the Tennessee visit, the 2016 recruit said the other trips that stood out most during his tour were at Oregon and Clemson.
"I'd say Oregon and Clemson both stood out a ton, and Tennessee," Dublanko said. "Oregon and Clemson were definitely standouts.
"I really like the people at Oregon. Their facilities are fantastic. At Clemson, they really emphasize faith among the team and it's a family atmosphere more so than anywhere."
Dublanko has been busy on the road but he's not done yet. Unofficial trips to Stanford and Washington are coming up soon and then he will turn his focus to his junior season.