DT getting lots of looks

Now that the season is coming to a close, Antoine White is ready to tackle recruitment. The defensive tackle from Millville (N.J.) has one offer so far and is generating interest with a lot of schools from across the country.
"Rutgers is the only offer I have. I just took my SATs and I'm hoping, after the season is over, more offers will roll in," said the 6-foot-3, 255-pound White. "I'm in contact with Notre dame, N.C. State, Penn State, Boston College and Georgia Tech. I also get a lot of mail from West Virginia, Connecticut, Old Dominion, Arizona, North Carolina, Indiana, Stanford, Temple and Alabama."
What are sticks out for White about some these schools?

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"Notre dame invited me up for a game last month but I wasn't able to make it because of a family vacation," he said. "They send me something almost every week with information in it.
"Georgia Tech is the only school that took the time out to hand write me a letter, which I really appreciated," said White. "They basically told they would be following me and wanted to know how I was and how my season was going, things like that."
How does White feel about Rutgers, the newest member of the Big Ten and the only school to offer him so far?
"It was my first early offer and I took a visit up to Rutgers last week to see a game. It's a nice opportunity with them being so close," he explained. "I'm not afraid to travel but it doesn't hurt for my family to be able to come out to my game in New Jersey. That's something I look at along with the players and the academics.
"Moving to the Big Ten steps up the competiveness. Where they were at was okay but playing Big Ten football is something I've always looked forward to doing," White said. "It's a great opportunity to be at a high level program. I've looked forward to something like that since I was little."
There are a few schools White hopes offer him more than the others.
"My dream schools would probably be Clemson and Michigan," he said. "I know Clemson does pretty well with defensive linemen. Last year I followed their defensive line very closely and they were very well coached and the guys were always giving 100% effort.
"At Michigan, I just like the feel up there," said White. "I like the tradition and the coaching philosophies and it's a place I could see myself playing at the collegiate level. I want to get up there some time soon."
White is looking for specific things in his future school.
"Basically, I have to put academics first. Something I think about a lot is life after football, what I'm going to do beyond the college level," he said. "That has to be one of the top things I look at.
"I'm not afraid to travel but it has to be a place my friends and family would be comfortable coming to see me play," said White. "Also, how comfortable I feel there with the campus, coaching staff and everything.
White does not have any visits planned.