Doyle ready for visits

Alma, Mich., offensive tackle Curtis Doyle has landed two early scholarship offers from MAC programs, and has many more teams showing interest. The 6-foot-6, 310-pound lineman is now ready to get out and see spring practices.
"MSU, I want to go down to one of their practices," Doyle said. "Their recruiting coordinator is the offensive line coach, so it is pretty cool to be able to interact with him the most. I have talked with him quite a bit. He definitely wants me to come down for a spring practice, I just have to find out which one I want to go to."
Michigan State has not yet extended a scholarship offer to Doyle, but it is a school he has strong, early interest in.

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"I have been following them for a long time," Doyle said. "That's been my team since I was little."
Two other in-state programs - Central Michigan and Western Michigan - have extended scholarship offers and Doyle was able to attend one of those school's early spring practices.
"I already went to a Central practice," Doyle said. "It was fun to watch some real football. They ran a pretty high intensity practice, so that was pretty cool to watch. I didn't get to stick around and talk to anyone afterwards, but it was cool."
Purdue, Penn State, Iowa and Nebraska are among the other programs that are showing early interest in Doyle. Additional schools have begun picking up their interest in recent weeks.
"Lately, Cincinnati and Tennessee have been giving me a lot of mail," Doyle said. "I have sent film out to them pretty recently, so I am excited to hear back on that.
"Ball State wants me to come down for a visit, but I haven't been able to schedule it. They do weekday visits and I haven't been able to come up with a date yet, but they seem pretty interested in me right now."