Dallas junior athlete flooded with mail

There is only one problem when you're as talented as Dallas (Texas) Skyline junior athlete Christian Scott – it's hard for coaches to find just one position on the field for him.
Scott, a 6-foot, 185-pound speedster has shown the moves for offense but the big hitting mentality for defense. Playing a little bit of everything for Skyline, Scott has put up five rushing touchdowns, one receiving touchdown, and a total of 282 yards of total offense. That's along with playing safety on defense, but he admits he doesn't keep up with his numbers.
"I guess I should, I had a pretty good season, but I don't even know how many tackles I had to be honest," Scott said. "I guess that's something I need to check on. I thought I did real well since we only made it to the first round of the playoffs."

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Texas A&M, Boston College, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Illinois, Colorado, and many others are already fully aware of Scott's ability. All of those schools and others are sending Scott consistent amounts of mail.
"There really isn't a top team or anything yet," Scott said. "It really doesn't matter to me. Coach Derick Roberson is helping me out with how to look at all the schools and make the best decision."
Scott says that even though many colleges love him with the ball in his hands, it's defense that really appeals to him.
"I just want to hit somebody rather than get hit," Scott said. "I'll play offense, I like it and everything, but that's the main reason that I like defense. I like to share time at both free and strong safety."
Skyline is no stranger to top players. Top 2006 standout Michael Morgan has offers from colleges like USC, Florida State, and Oklahoma. Scott says he may be picking his teammates brain about how to go about the recruiting process when those offers start coming for him.
"I haven't asked him, but I'm planning on just asking him what all is going to happen with this stuff," Scott said. "This all has come on faster than I thought. I need to start looking at all my options."