Boca Raton NUC morning session recap

When college recruiters look for athleticism and speed, they head to South Florida, so it should come as no surprise that the talent level at the recent National Underclassmen Combine stop at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton was exceptional.
Standing out above the rest in the morning session was sophomore RB Deandre Johnson of Monsignor Pace High School. He showed great feet, hands, and skills during the one-on-ones, which continuously left him practically uncovered. At 5-foot-7 ½ and 195-pounds, Johnson finished with a 29-inch vertical, 9'4" broad, 4.56 40, 4.46 shuttle, and 26 reps on 155-pounds
Taking home two awards was sophomore Todd Chandler of Miami Northwestern. Aside from winning the DL MVP he also was named the Strongest Man at the morning session with 22 reps on 185-pounds. Chandler, 6-foot-1 and 291-pounds, was strong as an ox during individual drills and one-on-ones, but was also athletic, with amazing hands and an explosive first step. To go along with his impressive bench results, he also had a 21-inch vertical, 4.90 shuttle, and 5.19 40.

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Although only 5-foot-5 ½ and 136-pounds, the most dynamic wide receiver of the morning session was sophomore Kerrick Pollock of Miami Carol City. He ran excellent routes during the one-on-ones and showed great hands throughout the morning. During the combine events he had a 30-inch vertical, 8'11 ½" broad, 4.61 shuttle, and 4.55 40. Another receiver who impressed was sophomore Maximylian Decaryalho of Spanish River High School. At 6-foot-4 and 181-pounds, Decaryalho, showed excellent explosiveness and hands throughout the morning, and also had a 32-inch vertical, 8'9" broad, 4.80 40, and 4.62 shuttle.
Also winning an award for Carol City was sophomore RB Gaveef Glashen, who took home the Fastest Man Award with a 4.48 40. Showing that he wasn't only about speed, Glashen, 5-foot-9 ½ and 169-pounds, was also very impressive during individual drills and one-on-ones, and finished off the combine events with a 27.5-inch vertical, 4.43 shuttle, 8'7 ½" broad, and 22 reps on 155-pounds.
Winning the RB MVP during the morning session was sophomore Jeff Scott of Archbishop Carroll. Although currently a little undersized 5-foot-7 and 158-pounds, he is still a great player, with impressive hands, feet, and quickness. He also shined during the combine events with a 32-inch vertical, 9'0" broad, 4.33 40, 4.28 shuttle, and 17 reps on 155-pounds. Also impressing at running back was sophomore Daniel Monroe of Coral Reef High School. Monroe, 5-foot-10 and 172-pounds, was spectacular during one-on-ones with great moves and hands, plus he also had a 27-inch vertical and 4.70 40.
The DB MVP went to sophomore Lamarcus Joyner of Southwest High School in Miami, who is more of a true safety at this time. Joyner, 5-foot-8 and 168-pounds, was explosive, fast, and showed great feet during his bump n' run coverage. He was also impressive during the combine events with a 32-inch vertical, 9'10" broad, 4.53 40, and 19 reps on 155-pounds. Deserving of a special mention amongst the other defensive backs in attendance was sophomore Anthony Peoples of Plantation High School. Peoples, 5-foot-10 ½ and 152-pounds, was excellent during individual drills and showed very good ball skills. He also had an 8'11 ½" broad, 4.52 40, and 11 reps on 155-pounds.
Winning the OL MVP was sophomore Ronald Regula of Palmetto High School. Regula, 6-foot-1 and 234-pounds, showed excellent technique and foot quickness throughout the morning, and had a 5.05 40, 4.76 shuttle, 7'10" broad, 25-inch vertical, and 16 reps on 185-pounds. The LB MVP sophomore Jamaal Bass of Miramar High School. Bass, 5-foot-10 ½ and 193-pounds, was fantastic during one-on-ones and showed great hip movement in coverage. He also showed off his athleticism with a 4.59 shuttle, 4.49 40, 9'1 ½" broad, and 26.5-vertical.
Winning two awards was sophomore Marshyl Rothman of Jupiter Christian, who took home both the QB MVP and the Leadership Award. Rothman, 5-foot-8 ½ and 155-pounds, showed great footwork during passing drills and impressive overall technique throughout the morning. During the combine events he had a 25-inch vertical, 4.36 shuttle, and 4.79 40.
Taking home the Freshman MVP was QB Jamarious Rowley of Glades Central. Rowley, 5-foot-8 and 179-pounds, throws a fantastic fade ball and has great pocket presence for a freshman. He also had a 25.5-inch vertical and 4.60 shuttle.
Finally, winning the Combine King Award for sophomores was RB Schon Thomas of Bishop Verot High School. Thomas, 5-foot-9 and 168-pounds, was actually the top combine performer of both events with a 31.5-inch vertical, 9'6 ½" broad, 4.55 40, 4.44 shuttle, and 19 reps on 155-pounds.