Barrow impresses at LSU Nike Camp

BATON ROUGE, La. – Nike Camps are supposed to be attended by nothing but the elite prospects in a certain region. The LSU camp was no different, boasting only the best players from Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and other surrounding areas. Nonetheless, when Lamin Barrow walked into the registration line, people noticed.
At 6-foot-2, 210 pounds, there is no doubt that the Marrero (La.) John Ehret linebacker looks the part. On Sunday afternoon on the LSU practice fields, Barrow showed that he has the play to match.
"We had a good camp," Barrow said. "It was my first time coming out here. I had a good experience. It was real fun."

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Heading into the camp, Barrow had plenty motivating him to put on a good show.
"I read the internet and somebody said I needed to prove myself why I should have four stars and I pretty much dominated with the running backs trying to block me," he said. "My cover skills, I caught an interception but it can be a little better. I'm not really a cover guy. I just like to hit. Overall, I think I had a good camp. I think it went good and I had a good time."
It was clear that Barrow was one of the best linebackers in attendance and nowhere was that more evident than on the pass-rushing drills against the running backs. Barrows big frame, physical mentality and athleticism combined to make him nearly unblockable on the rush.
While he also had some good reps in the pass-game, he hopes to continue to improve his coverage skills.
"I need to work on my coverage skills. My first time going out, I got an interception so I probably thought I was the man at first," he said. "I was always close to the ball but I kept turning a little bit so the coaches told me don't watch the quarterback, watch the man. I'm gonna take that to school as we start practice and I'm going to do everything I need to do."
Though Barrow wants his coverage skills to improve, he has proven that he is a tackling machine and has a passion for hitting.
"My strength is getting to the ball," he said. "Really wherever the ball is I'm getting there, East to West. The running back can't really get outside of me because I'm fast and long."
Barrow recently picked up an offer from Louisiana Tech, his first, and he also recently received all of the mail his coach had been holding for him.
"Our coach gave us all of our letters because he usually waits until around this time," he said. "I'm hearing from Michigan, LSU and Kansas State."
Should an LSU offer come, the Tigers will likely be in good shape with Barrow who has always been a fan. However, he will be keeping his options open heading into the summer.
"I've always followed LSU," he said. "Even if I'm not at LSU, I'll always follow LSU. I'm hoping an offer comes. This summer I'm trying to work something out with Michigan to attend their camp and most definitely I'll attend the LSU camp."
As he walked out of the camp on Sunday, Barrow was leaving with his four-stars in tact, and rightfully so.