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Another Hinton headed to Ann Arbor?

NORCROSS, Ga. — Is there going to be a second Hinton committing to Michigan in the future? Christopher Hinton gave his pledge to Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines in August, so is the younger brother going to follow north?

"I like Michigan because of Michigan," said Myles Hinton. "Chris going there is not a factor for me and how I feel about them. It would be cool to play with him at Michigan, but I am going to do what I want to do, so him going there will not sway my decision any."

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The younger Hinton is up to 310 pounds now and he is standing at 6-feet, 6-inches tall. He is still just a sophomore.

It is hard to believe when watching him play that he is in the 2020 class and that he still has two and a half more years at Greater Atlanta Christian.

Will he be like his older brother and commit early in the process? Many top schools have already offered, but it seems he has a little different plan than what his brother, a five-star defensive end in the 2019 class had.

"I do not think I will commit as early as Chris. I really don't know when it will happen, but it could happen right before I am a senior. I am not ruling out an earlier commitment, but I am not sure I will know for sure where I want to go as early as he did.

"We will just have to wait and see. I know I will commit as soon as I am sure about my decision."

All are chasing Michigan right now. Of course with their being a Go Blue commit in the house, he hears a lot about the Wolverines. He is trying to take that brotherly connection out of the equation though and evaluate the school on his own.

Michigan has done a good job recruiting the big-time offensive tackle early.

"I would say Michigan is the top school right now. I love the feel of the town and area around the school at Michigan," said Hinton. "Everyone up there is a fan of Michigan and that is very cool. Everyone makes it feel like a family there.

"I just love the feel. It is not always formal, the coaches and people there know how to have a good time and they make it very relaxed. The coaches are great and they have made me feel right at home."

Whenever they have time with Hinton, they do drop that would a few times. It seems they really do want not one, but two Hinton's playing in the Big House down the road.

"They throw that commit word out there a few times each time I am there. I am not sure how serious they are about it, but I do hear them say commit and things like that when I am around the coaches. They throw it out there, but I think they are just joking with me."

It is funny who is second on Hinton's list right now. It is a school Harbaugh used to coach at. He is a big part of why they are where they are right now as far as college football is concerned.

"Stanford is the school right behind the Wolverines at this time," said Hinton. "I was out there in the spring and he really liked the atmosphere there.

"The weather was nice. It was warm, then it was cool and it just felt great out there. They have everything out there. The education there is elite, they play great football and it is just a place I could see myself learning a lot at."