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This Michigan commit has no doubts

NORCROSS, Ga.Alabama is still recruiting five-star defensive end Christopher Hinton and they thought he was visiting Saturday. The Crimson Tide may be wasting their time.

The same can be said for many other schools because Hinton has all of his focus on Michigan, the school he committed to August 5.

"I am not visiting any other schools," said Hinton. "When I made my commitment, I made sure with my family that is was the right place for me. When I committed to Michigan, I knew I was shutting it down and that I was not going to visit anywhere else.

"I am done with recruiting. Michigan is my home."

Not only is Alabama still in pursuit of the No. 3 prospect in the 2019 class, but Auburn, Clemson, Georgia and Ohio State and many others are still trying to get Hinton's attention.

For the most part, the 6-foot-4, 265 pound junior ignores the messages, but every now and then, he will respectfully text the coaches back letting them know he is not interested.

This has to be music to Jim Harbaugh's ears. How many recruits of today commit, then truly shut their recruitment down? The number is very low.

Hinton is different though. He had a plan and he knows he has found the right school.

"Every time I visit Michigan, it feels like home to me. The combination of athletics, academics and social is the perfect combination for me. it has everything I want in a school.

"I cannot say anything more than I just feel at home there."

Outside of cutting other schools off, the only thing that has changed for Hinton since he committed to the Wolverines is how they are recruiting him.

"It is more personal now," said Hinton. "Michigan got to know the recruit before, but now they are getting to me as a person. It is all about them getting to know me and just building on our relationship.

"I am getting to the coaches on a different level. That is really the biggest difference since I made the decision."

The strong Michigan commit was in Ann Arbor for the last game in October and while watching the Rutgers game, Hinton could not help but to think about himself playing in the Big House.

"In my head, I was thinking: in a couple of years, this is going to be where I am playing. I was thinking: this is going to be my home. I was thinking: I will be playing in front of these fans.

"I just have no doubts that Michigan is where I am going. It is where I want to be and I cannot wait to get there."