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A dozen offers for Hyman

Three-star wide receiver Ishmael Hyman of Holmdel (N.J.) St. John Vianney continues to reel in the offers as we enter summer camp season. Hyman will start off his summer camp season this Friday, and may hit up a few more schools later on.
"Recruiting has been going really well lately," said Hyman. "I've picked up like six offers in May. My six most recent are Kansas, Purdue, Temple, Buffalo, Syracuse and Villanova."
As can be expected, Hyman is excited for all of his recruiting success, which now puts him at a dozen offers.
"It's an honor," said Hyman, who is 6-foot-0 and 169-pounds. "It's great. I'm just blessed."
Aside from the dozen offers he already has, Hyman claims that Penn State, North Carolina and Georgia Tech have all raised their levels of interest recently.
Hyman will kick off his summer camp schedule on Friday night at Rutgers, which has already offered.
"I want to prove to them that I would be a good fit for them and that I'm one of the best recruits in New Jersey," said Hyman, who is busy figuring out the rest of his camp schedule. "I'm going to Penn State on the 16th and I have some others in mind, but nothing definite yet."
Hyman, who is not favoring anyone at this time, does have an idea of when he would like to make a final decision.
"By mid-season or the end of the season is what I'm planning on," said Hyman. "But you never know. We'll see what happens."
When it does come time to make a final decision, Hyman knows what he will be looking for.
"Well I want to major in either sports management or business in college, so I need that in a school," said Hyman. "I want a school with a lot of tradition and a place where there is something to do at the school besides football. I want to find a place where I'm comfortable and fit in, and where I can get a fair opportunity to play."