Zona, Badgers set for trips from ATH

Houston Booker T. Washington athlete Brandon Jackson saw his high school football career come to a close on Saturday when his team lost in the second round of the state playoffs. It’s a loss that still stings two days later.
“We were winning at first, then I don’t know what happened,” he said. “We just stopped scoring. Our defense put us in great position to put the ball into the end zone with two big interceptions. But we just couldn’t get it done.”
In the end Jackson, who is 6-foot and 212 pounds, finished with 1,126 yards rushing on 136 caries and 14 touchdowns. Yes, he was pleased with the stats, but he knows his team could have accomplished so much more.

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“We didn’t live up to our potential,” he said.
Jackson is now looking forward to the recruiting process. He has a visit set with Arizona for December 5 and Wisconsin is set for December 19. He said Oklahoma assistant coach Kevin Sumlin called last Thursday and told him that he might bring him up for a visit on December 12.
“We’ll talk more about that next time he calls,” Jackson said. “I just also got a call from Nebraska and SFA offered me last week, too.”
Jackson has offers from SFA, Arizona, Wisconsin and Houston.