Ziemba heading to Big 12 country

It's hard to blame Rivals100 offensive tackle Lee Ziemba for taking numerous visits over the last several months considering he's got scholarship offers from just about every major program in the country. The nation's No. 4 offensive tackle prospect has another one coming up this weekend and also breaks down his plan for making a decision.
So far, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan, Notre Dame, Arkansas, and Ole Miss have all been programs the 6-foot-7, 295-pounder has seen. Ziemba will head to Big 12 country this upcoming Saturday to visit Oklahoma. Like the previous trips, Ziemba says it just makes things tougher to make his commitment. That date is unknown.
"I went to a camp at Oklahoma last summer and I came back pretty impressed," Ziemba said. "Their new offensive line coach has been to my school a few times. I just thought it would be nice for me to go back there and pay them the respect to see what they have to offer.

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"I'm also thinking about going back to see Auburn. I saw they're game last year when they played Alabama, but it was tough to talk with the coaches because I knew how busy they were with all of that."
Arkansas has been a school that Ziemba has seen countless times. He says that it's not so simple to call the home school program the leader.
"You have to understand, Arkansas is 20 minutes away from my house," Ziemba said. "It's easy for me to go down there so I can see how a college program works. That was a rewarding experience and that's why I kept going down there. I guess all those visits makes people think they're my leader."
By the end of the summer, Ziemba wants to have his list narrowed down. Finding an exact date to decide is much harder.
"It's just too far ahead to say a date for a decision," he said. "I'm not quite for certain but I do know that when it comes, it comes. I can't predict when that will happen."
Ziemba did mention that all of the visits taken so far are hard to separate in his mind. There was plenty that he liked about each school, but also some drawbacks as well.
"Every place I went to caught my eye, but there are negatives and positives to every school you visit," Ziemba said. "That's what makes this choice so hard. Not every school is absolutely perfect. When you make a choice, you look at what you're giving up.
"A number of things stick out at each of those schools and that's why eventually I'm going to have to make a big list and narrow it down as we get closer to the fall."