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Zbikoswki takes first trip

Although his first official visit took place this past weekend at Notre Dame, Buffalo Grove, Ill. quarterback/athlete Tommy Zbikowski feels like the recruiting process is starting to wear on him.
"It's a lot to take with all the phone calls, coaches coming to see you and everything," said the 6-foot-1, 190-pounder. "I really liked Notre Dame and I went there mainly to meet the players and see how I interacted with them. I got along well with them."
Zbikoswki doesn't have an off weekend for quite some time.
"Every weekend there's something," he said. "I have Iowa this weekend (Dec. 13), Nebraska on Dec. 20, then I go to the ESPN Game (All-American Bowl in Texas) and after that I have Arizona State (Jan. 17) and Boston College (Jan. 24). I'm really hoping to take all five of my visits, but I'm not sure right now. This is a lot to take."
Notre Dame has always been the apparent leader for Zbikowski, but he insists he's remaining open.
"That's why I want to see all the schools," he said. "If I'm going to play quarterback, it will be at Nebraska. Iowa and some others said I could play quarterback, but I'd rather be a defensive back in those systems."
This upcoming week, Zbikowski will be hosting some head coaches.
"I don't know who yet," he said. "Last week it was assistant coaches and this week some head coaches said they'd be coming in. They usually call to tell me first, but sometimes they just show up."