Zanellato lands first offer

Wide receiver Matt Zanellato pulled down his first scholarship late last week. The 6-foot-4, 190-pounder landed it from a Division I school.
"I got an offer from Miami (Ohio) on Thursday," he said. "On Wednesday their linebacker coach called me and said they were very interested. They had looked up film and see how I'm doing. They showed it to the offensive coordinator and the defensive coach. He said he was going to talk it over with the head coach and he got the ok and I talked to the head coach on Thursday. I got a full ride."
What does Zanellato think of the offer?
"I'm pretty interested, I still have to take a visit cause I haven't seen the campus," he said. "I plan to take an official visit in late October (22nd).
"I know Miami is in the MAC and I remember watching them earlier in the year against Florida, they almost pulled the upset, it was close for awhile. I've read up on their coaches and the head coach came from Notre Dame. I also know their wide receivers coach was the Seahawks receivers coach last year. That's good he has NFL experience."
Interest hasn't picked up quite yet with one offer in, but the two-star prospect is getting looks from three other schools.
"The three schools talking to me besides Miami (Ohio) are Maryland, Penn State and Delaware," he said. "Penn State pretty much isn't sure whether they'll have the offer to give me and part of it is determined if Derek Moye goes to the draft.
"Maryland has said the same thing as Penn State. They already have two receivers and then a prep school player for a third. They aren't sure if they'll need a fourth."
On the field, Zanellato has seen a lot of production by his move to Lake Braddock with quarterback Michael Nebrich at the helm.
"I have 35 receptions for about 730-yards and 10 touchdowns," he said. "It's been great. Michael really is a great commander of the offense and I'm the No. 1 wide receiver. Teams have tried to double and almost triple cover me and when they do that my other receivers have a big game, you can't just shut me down.
"As far as myself, I'm getting the ball a lot more and I'm improving my route running and catching ability. I think the thing I improved the most on was my yards after the catch, making a move or two."