Zanellato closing in on first offer

Burke (Va.) Lake Braddock wide receiver Matt Zanellato is in the middle of camp season. The 6-foot-3, 190-pounder wideout has hit up a handful of camps already and has a couple more on the schedule.
"I went to Pittsburgh a week ago on Friday and then Ohio State on that Sunday," he said. "I was at Bowling Green this past Wednesday.
"Bowling Green told me they will most likely offer. They just want to learn a little more about me. They want to talk to my coach and see my transcripts, but I think they will offer before July."
What about the other two camps?
"I did well at Pittsburgh's camp," he asid. "Their coach said he knows I can play Division I, but they have no spots. They had two wide receivers commit while I was there.
"I also did well at Ohio State, but I was burned out a bit."
Zanellato is headed to more camps coming up.
"I'm going to Penn State on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th," he said. "I'm most likely gong to Virginia Tech on July 10th. I might go to Boston College too."