Young says trip was tight

Jersey Village, Texas, running back Selvin Young is back from his second visit - this time he was at Oklahoma.
"It was tight," Young said. "It was really cool. I think it's going to be interesting to sit down after the visit and think about how this trip stacks up to what I saw at Colorado."
Young said Will Peoples, another former Houston star from Humble, Texas, hosted him on the visit.
"He's one cool guy to hang with," Young said. "We went to a few parties, and scoped some of the girls out. I think that's something that OU had more of. They had better looking girls."
But Young said the girls aren't going to be the biggest factor in his decision.
"I'm wanting to play in an offense that fits me," Young said. "I think OU might be the perfect fit because it's like what we run in high school. But I think I could look good at Texas and CU, too."
Either way, expect a decision from Young soon.
"I'm going to visit Texas, come back and then talk with my parents," he said. "It shouldn't be too long after that. I'm going to get this over with."
Young said he's not likely to make his January visits with UCLA and Arkansas now.
"I just want to end this," he said.