Young QB on USC radar

Jacob Sirmon has a unique connection to the USC program and after camping there recently and doing well in the workout, the 2018 quarterback is excited about the future.
The Bothell, Wash., quarterback is also cautiously optimistic, though, since his high school career really hasn't even taken off yet let alone college recruiting.
But with USC assistant coach Peter Sirmon as his uncle, the 2018 signal-caller is already familiar with the staff there and is excited to see how things play out in the future.
"With that camp I came down expecting to compete and do my best, with the guys there, I competed and did the best I could and my success showed," Sirmon said.
"(Having a USC coach as family) is an advantage for me. It's nice knowing he's there. I'm familiar with that staff. I've been around the people and the facilities a lot so that could be a benefit to me in the future."
Since he's just going to start his freshman season, recruiting has not picked up for Sirmon in a big way but there is some early interest. USC tops the charts and Washington has reached out as well.
Reports are that Sirmon is definitely one of the top 2018 quarterback prospects in the West. He has a lot of time to prove it.
"There are definitely some schools recruiting me," Sirmon said. "It's nothing big yet. I've talked to USC, not hard but I know them a lot. I went down to Washington. I'm just showing up places, doing my best and getting on the radar.
"(USC is) telling me to keep on developing and they want to see how I do in the future. They want me to keep in contact and keep working.
"I really enjoy their staff. They're good coaches. I really like being around them and I feel like they're very good at connecting to the players they coach. I really like being around those guys."