Young not done

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) four-star offensive tackle Avery Young played some of the best talent in the Sunshine State every Friday night. Despite having gone through those battles, he walked onto the practice fields on Sunday for the Under Armour All-America Game with a bit of uneasiness in his stomach.
"I was nervous at first when I got out here," Young said. "But I am with a great group of offensive linemen. We just got to work. We got into a rhythm."
The uncommitted Rivals100 prospect is not going to be making an announcement at the game this week. He says he remains open but admits that three schools stand out more than the rest.

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"I would say my solid three are Florida, Georgia, and Auburn," Young said. "I have (officially) visited all three of those."
The 6-foot-6, 273-pound offensive lineman doesn't claim a clear-cut leader.
"All three of them are neutral," Young said. "I think all three would be a great fit for me."
The Sunshine State prospect talked about what stands out with each of his top three schools.
"I have been to Florida multiple times," Young said. "They have great coaching. Coach (Frank) Verducci is a great guy. He understands what they are looking for in a player.
"Auburn is a great group of people," Young added. "I have a cousin (Brandon Fulse) who plays for them and I have heard a lot of good things about them. They have my best interests in their heart. If I was to get hurt there, I know they have my back to get me back to my full potential.
"Georgia is great people," Young added. "They love their team in that town. I just know that they would get me to my potential and not just throw me out there."
In addition to visiting his top three schools, Young has also been to Alabama for an official visit. He intends to take his fifth and final official visit in January.
"I am going to Miami for an official visit on the 20th (of January)," Young said. "I have been down there a couple of times. They have just told me that with my potential and my ability that I could come in and contribute. They think I am going to be really good."
When it comes time to decide, Young is looking for either an immediate opportunity at playing time or a coaching staff that is willing to shoot him straight about how he fits into their future plans.
"I don't want to redshirt, but if a coach thinks I need to do that so I don't go out and embarrass myself then I will do that," Young said. "I want coaches that are going to be honest with me and help me realize my full potential."
Young said a final decision is likely to come on National Signing Day.