XLK just staying busy

Duncanville, Texas, defensive tackle Xavier Lawson Kennedy didn’t know that fans from schools all over the country often dissect every thing that is written about him to see if they can find out what teams he thinks about the most.
He only wishes he had time to think about stuff like that – instead he’s got a big Spanish report on his mind.
“I had to write a report about a day in my life,” he said. “That was easy, but I had to write it in Spanish and then type it out.”
Football XLK knows, Spanish he’s still working on it.
“Yeah, it’s tough,” he said. “I’m learning and think I’m going to be pretty good in the end.”
Lawson-Kennedy was one of around 50 blue-chip recruits and family members that were on hand for the Red River War last Saturday in Dallas.
Lawson-Kennedy said he spent most of the game watching the defensive tackles of both Oklahoma and Texas, instead of watching how successful the plays were.
“I wasn’t paying much attention to the game,” he said. “Oklahoma’s defense was great, and Texas’ play all right. But I spent a lot of time watching Tommie (Harris) and (Marcus) Tubbs. Tommie is more of a pass rusher and Tubbs is a run stopper. I’m right in the middle. I can get the sack and stop the run.”
Lawson-Kennedy said he can see a little of both Harris and Tubbs in him – except for Tubbs’ weight.
“It says he’s 304 pounds and that’s not right,” Lawson-Kennedy said. “If he’s 304, then I’m 175 pounds. He has to be around the 340 mark.”
When it came to the atmosphere of the game, he came away impressed with both OU and UT fans.
“It was crazy,” he said. “I didn’t know that many people liked college football. I was the only person there with a blue shirt on. Everybody else had crimson and white or orange and white on, but there I was sitting there with this blazing bright blue shirt.
“They were scanning the crowd on the jumbotron and it came over to my section and you could clearly see me because of my shirt.”
Lawson-Kennedy also had a great time hanging out with the recruits that were at the game.
“I went with Tommy Devereaux and Erick Jackson,” Lawson-Kennedy said. “He started hooking Horns after Texas scored that first touchdown and a bunch of people around him started making fun of him.
“I them got on to him when OU got up on them. I was like ‘where your Horns at now’ and he said they just needed him out there to fix things, but it was funny.”
Lawson-Kennedy said he also hung out with other recruits at the game and that he’s becoming pretty close with a few other hot players that are still on the market.
“We were sitting with Jarvis (Moss), Rhett (Bomar), Joe John (Finley) and Victor (DeGrate),” Lawson-Kennedy said. “I know that Victor’s probably going to end up at OU, and Rhett and Joe John are really into them now.”
What about Moss, who also doubles as Lawson-Kennedy’s cousin?
“I don’t know what he’s going to do,” he said. “He’s always talking about teams in Florida and then Oklahoma and Texas, but we don’t talk about this stuff a whole lot. Every time I go up to Denton to see him, he’s always gone.”
What’s not gone is the wait on Lawson-Kennedy’s decision. He said he’s not even close to setting up official visits and with teams like Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Nebraska, Notre Dame, USC, A&M and Kansas State on his list, he’s not even close to making up his mind.
“After the season,” he said. “And after I finish that report.”