WV tackle lands first offer

Offensive tackle Eugene German out of Martinsburg, W.V. landed his first offer recently. The 6-foot-5, 250-pounder has a number of other colleges primarily from across the region intrigued.
"I got my first offer probably three weeks ago from Marshall," he said. "It's a nice school. I've been there for a high school thing and I like it. I could see myself there cause it's close to home and a pretty nice area also."
The Herd are the first to put an offer on the table, but other schools are looking.

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"I have Duke, Rutgers, Boston College, Penn State, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Temple, West Virginia and NC State interested," he said. "They've all just given me camp letters and what not. Some have come to my school, Duke and Rutgers."
German noted he has visited Duke and Rutgers to date, but plans to head to Marshall sometime soon.
So, does German like anyone?
"I like Duke a lot," he said. "It's mostly because of their education. It's a good medical school and that's what I want to enter. I also like Rutgers, but I could see myself going to all these schools."
German emphasized a bit more on what he wants in a college.
"I want a good atmosphere and I want to be safe," he said. "I also want a place I can fit in hopefully, a home away from home. Location isn't a really big deal for me."
German helped Martinsburg to a state championship this past season.
He touched on his ability more.
"As an offensive tackle, I think my ability to run stands out. That's what a lot of people see in me," he said. "I can get out there and keep going. I have good endurance."