Wright is a hidden gem

Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips athlete Recardo Wright was one of the most elusive prospects in the country to get in touch with. finally tracked down Wright and found that his offer list was worth the wait.
"I probably have 20 to 25 offers right now," Wright said. "I can't name them all off the top of my head but I know that West Virginia, Auburn, Alabama, Florida Atlantic, Northwestern, Michigan, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, LSU, Mississippi State have all offered in writing as well as some others. Florida verbally offered, but I haven't seen it in writing yet so I don't count it. They do send me handwritten mail and stuff all the time though."
The 6-foot-2, 215-pound Wright runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds and is so talented that even he isn't sure what position he'll play in college.
"It is split about three ways on what I'm getting recruited as," Wright said. "Some schools like me at strong safety, some at running back and some at linebacker. One of my offers is as a tight end and one is at like wide receiver or something. I love playing running back and safety about equally, I would prefer to play one of those two."
As with many prospects in the Sunshine State the in-state schools are in good shape if they decide to offer.
"Florida and Florida State are my top two," Wright said. "I really like the environment there and I like the idea of playing for a school in my home state. I'm also looking at West Virginia, Auburn, Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss."
Wright did not make it to a camp at any college this summer, but did go to several passing camps with his team.
"I would like to play early if I could," Wright said. "I really want to major in something in business so I want to go to a school that has a good business school. Distance is not really something that matters to me at all so I will go anywhere."