WR Smith returns from first official

Three-star wide receiver Tim Smith took his first official visit over the weekend. The Chesapeake (Va.) Oscar Smith wideout made his way to Morgantown to take in the Mountaineers victory over Marshall.
"It was a good, nice trip, it was cool," he said. "I got there Saturday morning around ten or eleven.
"On Saturday, once we got there we went to the stadium. They showed us around, then we ate with the team before the game. After the game I chilled out with some of the players including my host Bradley Starks. He's really cool. He was telling me how it was there and what they do in their free time. He also talked about how he could have went to a number of other colleges, but he knew he could get playing time and a good education at West Virginia. Other schools didn't present as much playing time."
Back to the game, what did the No. 13 prospect in Virginia think about it?
"It was a good game, they played hard and I like the style of play they have," he said. "From what I saw on the field, I think I could go in there and see a lot of playing time pretty early.
"I also like the atmosphere at the game, it was great. The fans were out tailgating when we arrived in the morning. I got to go around with Jerod (Askew), Tajh (Boyd) and Dominik (Davenport)."
On Sunday, Smith met with the assistant coaches, particularly Chris Beatty and Lonnie Galloway.
"It was cool. Coach Beatty has been up at my school a lot," he said. "I'm used to talking to him and bonding with him.
"Then on Monday morning I met with Coach Stewart before I left. He's a real cool, laid back coach. He's trying to get things done. He talked about me getting in and playing early, how I can get a good education and be noticed. He talked about being around a great coaching staff, atmosphere and good fans."
Where is Smith going from here?
"I'm going to Virginia this weekend for an official visit," he stated. "I also have set up a date with Louisville on October 18th.
"South Carolina is now out of the picture, I'm not sure about Boston College. While I'm at Virginia, they play Maryland and I'm going to watch them too."
Smith confirmed his three leaders right now are Louisville, West Virginia and Virginia.