WR sets official visit, names leader

Shawn Corker is one of the top receivers from south Florida and that's saying a lot when you consider the number of elite wideouts this year from that area alone. Corker 6-1.5 and 187 pounds, is from Ft. Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons High School. He has 35 plus scholarship offers and now has a top five.
"Right now I like Texas Tech, Miami, Florida, Wake Forest and West Virginia.
"Miami is a good home school and not too far from home. I think I can come in and make an impact on that team. I know quite a few players and I am real close to Brandon (McGee). We are cousins and it would be nice to play with him.
"Texas Tech is a team that I really like a lot. I saw them during the spring and I was really blown away. I will visit them officially for the Oklahoma game (November 21st).
"Florida is a quick team. I would really have to get my speed up. They have so many guys that run 4.3. They have been putting guys in the league and I would have a shot.
"Wake Forest is a program that I really believe will be very competitive year in and year out. I think I can help them get where they want to go and that's to win a championship. They are improving so much.
"West Virginia just signed Eugene (Smith). We grew up together and connect pretty well. They are a passing team and it's something to think about for sure."
This summer Corker has not traveled to any campuses. There have been no camps and no unofficial visits.
"I have been worker hard with a trainer. I am working on my breakaway speed, getting out of breaks, and a strong first step. I can really tell the difference and see it with my quickness. It's been about a month and it going well.
"I think I can really be better this season. I just want to win and be an asset to my team. I want to have a better season than last and break every record."
Corker had a big junior season, catching 33 passes for 912 yards and 14 scores.
Corker would like to make a decision before the season begins so he can relax and enjoy his final high school season. But even if he does there's a good possibility he will still look around this fall just to make sure.
"I really don't have a timetable but I would like to do something before the season. I know that Texas Tech, Wake Forest and Miami have all said I could commit and still take other visits. Right now, I am just not sure. But I am liking (Texas) Tech. They have set the bar high."