WR ready for next four trips

One of the most highly-sought after players from the state of North Carolina has only taken one official visit with four coming up in the next few weeks, but it appears as though he may have already singled out a leader. Chris Jefferson has more options than ever and believes the next month will critical.
"I think the time before the official visits are really important actually," said Jefferson, a 6-foot-2, 170-pound wideout from North Carolina. "The official visits will definitely be important, but sometimes you go into things with a certain mindset or with something already fixed in your head. The way I interact with coaches between now and the three visits I have planned in January and the one next week might be just as important as the visit."
Jefferson finished the year with 40 catches for 700 yards as the primary target for Morganton (N.C.) Freedom. Does he have a favorite?
"A little earlier I would have said no and I'm still not sure I can say they're a 'leader', but I really like Vanderbilt. They're having a good recruiting class and I had a really good time on the official visit back in early November. I thought it would have worn off by now but I'm still thinking about how nice it was.
"Pretty much everyone graduates from Vanderbilt so the education is great and it's in an exciting city with a lot to do. If I had to choose right now, which I'm not going to do, I would pick Vanderbilt probably."
So what other schools stick out to Jefferson?
"I like the other schools I plan on visiting a lot. Duke (Dec. 6), Clemson (Jan. 10), Boston College (Jan. 17) and Virginia (Jan. 24) are all high on my list.
"I think I'll learn a lot more about them in the next few weeks, just hearing how they sound when they talk to me. I think that will be a good indication of how bad they want me. I have offers to all of them so I can go anywhere, but I would like to pick the place that wants me most.
"I'll probably make my decision after the official visits unless something drastic or big happens before then. I don't plan on eliminating any schools until I've visited."