WR Johnson claims five offers

Wide receiver Keeon Johnson has stockpiled five offers at this time. The 6-foot-3, 200-pounder is getting quite a bit of other interest as the spring heats up.
"It was an offer from East Carolina, but now I have five offers from East Carolina, North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest and Duke," he said. "After I got my first offer, they started coming in towards the middle of the football season."
In addition, schools including Notre Dame, Maryland, Clemson and Florida State are interested.

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Previously, Johnson was high on North Carolina, but that has changed a bit.
"I was high on North Carolina at first, but it kind of fell off and they aren't a top school now," he said. "There wasn't really a reason, I haven't talked to their coaches like that lately. Now, I'm just trying to be patient and wait it out, see where I really want to go."
What is Johnson looking for then?
"I just want to be in a school cause I'm trying to go into the medical field. I want a school with that type of program," he said. "I want somewhere I feel welcome there and at home."
Johnson is going to start evaluating schools more this weekend with a trip to NC State. He is also considering trips to Maryland, East Carolina and North Carolina in the near future.
An all-conference and all-county prospect, Johnson posted approximately 800-yards receiving and 13 touchdowns as a junior.