WR Jackson loved NDs atmosphere

Rivals250 wide receiver Richard Jackson was one of a host of big recruits across the country that made the trek to South Bend last weekend for the Southern Cal-Notre Dame game. The 6-foot-2, 195-pounder was thoroughly impressed by the visit and Notre Dame.
"I liked it a lot up there. I liked the atmosphere with all the students at the game and how all the students knew us and they have real team spirit and love their football there," he said. "I also liked how they had a lot of statues and monuments around campus. I like history a lot and thought that was really cool."
The four-star prospect got up to Notre Dame on Saturday.
"We got there and coach Weis talked to all the recruits before the game and then we met the coaches," he said. "After the game we went into the locker room and then to the new athletic center to eat dinner and that's where we met our player hosts. That night, I went back to the dorms with my host David Bruton and hung out with the players and went to a club. David is a freshman and I could relate to him since he's only been there a few months. We mostly talked about football and school there.
"On Sunday, I had breakfast with the coaches and met coach Ianello and Lewis. I also met all the academic people that day and I got to talk with coach Weis. I especially liked talking to coach Weis because he's been to the Super Bowl and he had his ring on the whole weekend and every time I saw him my eyes drifted towards it. That afternoon I saw the weight room and finished by taking a campus tour."
Jackson thoroughly enjoyed the game between the Irish and Trojans.
"It was a really good game and that was easily the best game I've ever been to," he said. "The atmosphere there was crazy and the place was packed. They have a lot of school spirit and the fans were going nuts. I noticed during the game that Notre Dame used the wide receivers a lot and I especially watched Maurice Stovall and Jeff Samardzija. I like how they run a balanced offense that doesn't pass or run too much."
The No. 13 receiver in the country rated his trip to South Bend a nine.
"I'm from Florida and it was cold up there and they also lost which was disappointing," he said. "The weather doesn't affect me that much as I could get used to it. I still think all the schools I'm looking at are even. I did really like my trip to Georgia Tech since I got more time up there while the other trips were a little more rushed.
Richard Jackson VideoClick "I'm planning to take at least one more visit to Miami sometime in November or December. I may also take a fifth official, but I don't know who that would be or when."Here to view this Link.