WR Fisher talks Iowa camp

Bolingbrook (Ill.) state ranked wide receiver prospect Carl Fisher (6-foot-2, 205 pounds) made his first college camp visit to the University of Iowa earlier this week.
"I made my first college camp visit to Iowa," Fisher said. "I thought that I did decent for my first college camp of the summer. To me it was more like a regular practice on my high school team. It felt good to get out there and compete."
Fisher talked about his impressions Hawkeyes.
"I really liked the coaches at Iowa. They all are just very down to earth and very personable guys at Iowa. I came away with a really good impression of the Hawkeyes. The campus is great and so are the facilities. Iowa definitely has a lot to offer. It was good to be able to show the coaches at Iowa what I can do on the field. The coaches had some really good things to say to me after the camp. I still need to give the Iowa coaches a phone call this week, which they asked me to do after the camp was over with. I'll definitely get ahold of them sometime this week. I've been in my school's team camp so I've been pretty busy lately, so that's why I haven't called the Iowa coaches yet."
Fisher is also looking forward to this weekend.
"I'm heading to the Notre Dame on Saturday for a one-day camp. The coaches at Notre Dame have been pretty interested and they really want to see me work up close this summer. Hopefully I can give them something more to be excited about on Saturday."
Does Fisher have any early favorites?
"I'm still looking at my options right now, so I'm still pretty open. Iowa again was really impressive, and I definitely would consider the Hawkeyes pretty hard if they offer me."