WR Fisher drawing plenty of visitors

Bolingbrook (Ill.) junior wide receiver prospect Carl Fisher (6-foot-2, 205 pounds) is no question one of the most all around talented kids you'll find. Need proof? Fisher can sing, act, is very strong in the class room and can catch passes and explode down the field. Has Fisher also added even more talents recently?
"I was just cooking up some stuff," Fisher said. "I'm pretty domestic when I need to be and I'm pretty proud of that. I figure that once I head off to college I'll be able to get things done with very little problems. I'll be ready to live on my own when that time comes."
One thing is becoming clearer for Fisher these days, and that is it looks like he won't need to pay for his college education thanks to his football abilities.
"I still have offers from Utah, Iowa State and Kansas. Several schools have made in school visits so far in May. Notre Dame, Illinois, Wisconsin, USC, Central Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State and Oregon have all been in school so far. According to my coach (John Ivlow) several other schools are scheduled to be in school over the next few weeks."
Fisher is also looking at camping at a handful of schools this summer.
"I'm looking at camping at a few schools. I'm planning to attend one-day camps at Notre Dame, Iowa and Northwestern. Several schools have said that they want me to camp with them this summer. I'm excited to get football going this summer, that's for sure."