WR Bryant ready for recruiting focus

Swedesboro (N.J.) Kingsway Regional wide receiver Dorien Bryant's season is now offer. It's recruiting time now.
"We lost our second playoff game to Mainland 40-0, we got crushed," said the ultra-fast 5-foot-10, 165-pounder. "It was just a bad, bad game."
Now Bryant can focus on recruiting, with two huge visits coming up.

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"I have BC on Dec. 6 and Tennessee on Dec. 13," said Bryant. "I've already been to Purdue and they're still in the mix even though they just got another wideout commitment. I know of Byron Williams and I know he'd be playing almost a different position than me even though we're both wideouts."
Bryant's visits will continue into January if he doesn't decide to commit to either the Eagles or Volunteers.
"BC is still on top with Tennessee right behind," he said. "Purdue is still in there as well. I'll probably take Penn State on Jan. 17 and I still don't know about NC State on Jan. 24. I know they just beat FSU, but it's more about my feeling and where I think I'd be comfortable. I'm not sure about NC State."
Bryant ended up with more than 1,400 yards as a running back during his senior season.