WR Adams names top three

Three-star wide receiver Daniel Adams formerly of Dunbar in D.C. made the change to Northwestern in Maryland this season. Due to the switch, the 6-foot-3, 200-pounder played in just three games this season.
"Something came up and I didn't get to finish my season at Dunbar," he said. "It totally screwed up my season.
"I did well in the games I played. I had one game for 98-yards and another for 96-yards and two touchdowns.
"Most definitely I improved, since I haven't been playing. I've been working out, running track, lifting and getting my grades in order."
The limited season hurt Adams a bit on the recruiting front.
"The coaches understand what happened and they are confident in my potential as a player," he said. "It did hurt me with schools that planned to offer later on."
With all that said, Adams claims three schools are now sticking out.
"I'm definitely narrowing it down," he said. "I think I am getting ready to make a decision very soon. I plan to probably make one in the next week or two."
So, who is he down to?
"I'm keeping New Mexico in there, they were the first school to offer along with Virginia and West Virginia," he said. "Those are the schools that are really keeping in contact with me. Those send me the most love and interest."
He went on about each.
"I talk to their head coach, Coach Locksley," he said. "He's a good guy. I know he has dealt with players from this area and I trust him.
"For Virginia, I know Coach Moore and Coach London. In fact, my coach was a frat brother of Coach London. They know each other really well. They were my second offer right after New Mexico.
"As for West Virginia, they offered Vance and Vernard Roberts, my teammates. They offered me too along with that. I'm very interested in playing with my teammates. My brother also plays in the state of West Virginia."
Although he's alluded to a decision soon, Adams is starting to think about officials.
"I'm planning on going down to New Mexico on January 7th. I'm still trying to make it out to West Virginia too."