Word is out on Ulu-Perry

Paradise has its drawbacks for football players in pursuit of college scholarships. It seems as though Hawaii-based center Fred Ulu-Perry will overcome the geographic challenges, though.
Exposure shouldn't be much of a problem for him going forward. The three-star prospect's name is already making the rounds.
Ulu-Perry was a bit of a camp sensation a year ago and college coaches became familiar with his skill set because of it. It also doesn't hurt that he plays his high school football at Honolulu's St. Louis High, one of the state's top programs.
Whatever the cause, Washington State and Hawaii have already made things official with scholarship offers, and other schools are taking a good hard look.
"I've just been getting a load of letters ever day," Ulu-Perry said. "A lot from Alabama, Auburn, USC, Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State, Penn State, Mississippi State, Colorado and UCLA … kind of just about everybody. Those schools mainly. They send me almost daily letters. On Facebook, coaches from USC are the only new ones to talk to me."
As for the offers he holds currently, Ulu-Perry is without preference. It's early in the process for the 2015 prospect, so he hasn't worried much about weighing options. For now, he's trying to collect more opportunities. He'll worry about picking a frontrunner later.
"It's pretty even," Ulu-Perry said. "I wouldn't mind going away. I wouldn't mind staying home, either. I really don't know much about Washington State right now, though. I still have to do my research."
Ulu-Perry will attend the Nike Football Training Camp event in Los Angeles this offseason and plans to attend a few team-based events as well.
"I want to go to the USC big-man camp for sure," he said. "I might go to the Utah all-Poly again. I might go to that one. I don't know about that yet."