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Wood enjoys visit to ASU

Poway (Calif.) defensive lineman Nick Wood took his second official visit of the year to Arizona State this past weekend. The talented tackle had earlier visited Boston College and raved about his time in Tempe.
Wood, 6-2, 275 pounds is one of the elite line prospects in the West. He visited ASU and had nothing but postives to say about the trip.
"I had an awesome time," Wood said. "We played Friday so I flew out there early Saturday morning. I got picked up around 8:30 and headed straight to the campus. There was about nine of us all there and the first thing we did was eat breakfast. It was buffett style and I don't think I've ever eaten that much food in my life, I'll never need to eat again after this trip.
"We met some of the players on the team, a lot of the redshirt freshman and that was cool. Then we headed over to the stadium and the game atmosphere was incredible. Just being on the field before game time, it was really an electric atmosphere, I hadn't seen anything like that before.
"The game itself was a little disappointing as Oregon kind of took it to them a little. The crowd got a little unruly which I thought was ridiculous when you consider what Coach Koetter has done there and what an awesome guy he is but I guess that's how some fans are. Watching the team play, I don't think they'll be down for very long because they have a great staff and a lot of young talent on the team.
"After the game, we just hung out for awhile and then all the players went out with the guys on the team. Tempe is a great place and I really had a good time. Everyone got along great and honestly, it wasn't like anyone even had a host because we all hung out together the whole time.
"Sunday was the tour day where I saw the campus, and we checked out the football facilities, locker room, weight room, all that stuff. I also got to meet with some people in the Business department which was really cool because academics are important to me and that meant a lot that they showed me that side of the school- it wasn't just all about football.
"I met with Coach Koetter again and he's just a great guy. I also had some position meetings with the DL coaches and they told me where they see me fitting in but never pressured me about committing or anything like that. They said they want to bring in three defensive lineman so I know where things are at with them. ASU is definitely a great school but I still want to take the rest of my trips."
How did it compare to BC?
"They were both great and I really can't say one was better than the other," Wood added. "They're so different, I mean ASU is a public school with around 70,000 people where as BC is a private school with about 9,000 or so. One is East Coast, one is West Coast but they both had a lot of positives and I could easily myself fitting in at either spot.
"I'm going to visit Colorado this coming weekend and I also want to set a visit with Washington. I heard Coach Willingham doesn't really like to have visits during the season but I have wrestling as soon as football is over so I kind of have to take my trips during the year. I'll probably call them this week and see if I can get something set up."