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WKU leads for Thomas while Power Five interest looms

Kevaris Thomas

LAKELAND, Fla. — Kevaris Thomas is aware of his situation.

He also doesn’t mind it whatsoever. Thomas, who currently holds eight scholarship offers, knows how the recruiting process works and isn’t under the impression that anything will be handed to him.

It’s why his thoughts on whether or not he’ll land an offer from a Power Five program are refreshing. Everything he says on the subject is rooted in absolute truth. There’s no fantasy here.

“When the Kentucky coach came down to see me last, he said he liked me a lot but the head coach only wants to take one quarterback,” Thomas said. “He said he was trying to convince him to take two. If he gets that ok, he’ll offer me. Or if they lose the quarterback ... or something.”

And so the 6-foot-4 Thomas will simply continue to work. If something shakes on the Power Five level, great. If not, he’s perfectly content with the opportunities in front of him.

“Right now, I like Western Kentucky,” Thomas said. “They like me a lot. They actually waited until after another quarterback they wanted went somewhere else, then they came after me hard. That’s cool, though. I really like them.”

If nothing changes on the offer front, his official visit agenda will be short and simple. It seems as though just two schools remain in the running to secure his commitment.

“Western Kentucky will be one for sure,” Thomas said. “I talked to FIU today, too. They are trying to get me to come for an official in late December.”

Regardless of true interest level, other powerhouse programs are keeping one hand in the pot when it comes to Thomas’ recruitment. They certainly aren’t pushing for a commitment just yet, but it’s not as though Thomas has been written off as an option.

“My coach has been telling me that LSU and Kentucky are still in touch to check on me,” Thomas said. “Oh, and Auburn a little too.”

Thomas, a true Dual-threat quarterback, leads the offense at Lakeland (Fla.) High School, which currently sits at 7-0 on the year.